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Progress with BSK 34991

5542's owners bought this coach some while ago and, with the completion of Auto W233W, have now started work on it.  

16 June 2016

Clive writes – Now that we seem to have commenced a blog about 34991 I thought it would be useful to show some images I took inside the coach back in April which give some idea of what our start point was. They were taken after much of the “demolition” work had been done so I’ll add a few words too.

As you know VSOE had converted the coach to baggage car 99538. In this guise a number of obvious changes had been made. Windows had been replaced with opaque glass, some compartments had had seating removed and the luggage area had had a series of cupboards built into it.

The images show a view down the corridor, a compartment with opaque glass and no seating, a compartment with seating but with the opaque glass removed, the guard’s area, and the luggage area with the luggage cage removed by us and also with the VSOE cupboards removed. The luggage area will become a temporary workshop until we convert the area into more compartments.

I hope these images will provide a base point from which to identify our future progress.

May 2016

All of the interior changes made by VSOE when it was their baggage car have been stripped out and John Payne has made a wonderful job of needle-gunning the roof and part-priming the sides. Here he is in action, with us out of shot wearing ear defenders.


5542 Ltd buy BSK Mk1


5542 Ltd have purchased BSK Mk1 number 99538 ex Clan Line support coach.

Until recently the vehicle was Main Line Certified

The coach is currently at Buckfastleigh.



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